CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. -- Jefferson County Schools (JCS) continues its commitment to improving its practice and serving the community.  As the needs of families and students evolve over time, JCS continues to develop new programs and identify additional supports for students and their families. Those efforts include providing more help to JCS staff as they work to meet those needs. 

Earlier this year, based on feedback from stakeholders, JCS began assessing high school guidance departments. The demands on the guidance departments have grown with an increase in course offerings, the development of a comprehensive virtual program, and heightened needs for social-emotional support.  To ensure that the approach to meeting these increased demands was proactive, JCS requested an efficiency review from the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) to assist with the planning process. That audit was carried out in June.

The results of the efficiency review will be presented to members of the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) on Wednesday, July 14.

Coordinator with the Office of Accountability at the WVDE, Susan Young, led the team working with Jefferson County Schools. She said it was evident that JCS had been working on developing additional supports and addressing concerns brought forward by the community. 

“We appreciated the proactiveness of the school system in asking for a thorough review to put together a clear roadmap for making changes to the guidance process.  They had obviously taken several steps already to increase their services to families and students, and this audit will help them focus their efforts on the areas of greatest importance first.”

The efficiency review covers four focus areas. Those areas will be outlined in the presentation Wednesday, along with additional supports and steps JCS can take to continue growing services for students and families.