West Virginia Safe Schools Helpline

(formerly annonymous reporting)

Jefferson County Schools encourages everyone to support student safety by using the West Virginia Safe Schools Helpline. This 24-hour, toll-free number has been assigned for ALL West Virginia schools. When you call this number, no matter where you are calling from, you will be connected to an actual person — not a recording. The operator will relay the anonymous concern to JCS staff, local law enforcement, and any other agencies needed to respond.

1-866-SAFE-WVA or 1-866-723-3982

Making a call

When you call the helpline, you will be issued a number (no name required) that the operator enters along with the information you give. 

If, after three school days, you call the toll-free helpline number again, you will be given a status report of action taken from your information. Remember, you’ll only need to report your number, not your name.

What we need to know when you call:

  • What are you reporting? (complaint, problem, suggestion)

  • What time did or when will the incident occur?

  • At which school did/will this take place?

  • Who is the suspect?

  • What school does the suspect attend?

  • A description of the incident in the order it took/or will take place

  • How can we get in touch with you? (OPTIONAL)

What to report

You should report any information that could have a negative impact on students, school staff or school property. Here are some examples:

  • Violence

  • Weapons

  • Threats

  • Thefts or property damage

  • Drug or alcohol abuse

  • Sexual harassment

  • These acts are threats to your safety and should be reported.