Substitute Teaching in Jefferson County Schools

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in helping us support kids! We are excited to share more about the opportunities we have for you in our school system. Substitute teachers play a critical role in any school system by supporting our teachers.

These dedicated individuals perform the instructional and classroom management processes for teachers who are absent for a day or longer periods of time. Their duties include taking attendance, explaining homework, and maintaining classroom cleanliness. Candidates need to be flexible in their availability.


  • Candidates must hold at least a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree

  • Candidates must complete Substitute Teacher Training

Children at table

Teacher helping student

Steps for Becoming a Substitute Teacher

  1. Apply for a substitute position through the Jefferson County Schools website:

  • Click on "Professional Openings"

  • Select "Substitute Teachers"

  1. Substitute Teacher Training: Once you have applied for a position, and your degree is not in education, you will need to complete substitute teacher training. There are two options.