Jefferson County Schools Kindergarten Program

Thank you for your interest in the Jefferson County Schools Kindergarten Program. We are excited to begin partnering with you to support student success as they begin their academic career.

We designed this page to be a resource for you throughout the enrollment process.

We've included information about starting the pre-registration process, kindergarten eligibility, and the options for kindergarten enrollment in the state of West Virginia.

Kindergarten Class

Enrolling Students Who are Five Years Old by July 1st

The state of West Virginia (W. Va. Code §18-5-18) requires children to be five years of age by July 1st of the year in which they wish to attend kindergarten. Families with students who meet the age requirement may follow the steps below.

teacher with students

1. Complete the pre-registration form found HERE.

2. Please use the checklist found HERE to ensure that all necessary documents are gathered.

Enrolling Students Who are NOT Five Years Old by July 1st

Families with students who will NOT be five years of age by July 1st have three options to enroll

Which School will the Student Attend?

To determine which school a student will attend, please contact the Jefferson County Schools Transportation Department at (304) 725-7664 or CLICK HERE for a school/transportation search.*

*Please note that school bus information obtained here may not be accurate for the 2023-2024 school year.