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Jefferson County Schools shares in the responsibility of supporting a child’s skills and understanding in all areas of academics. We have several methods, including testing, that we utilize to evaluate their progress throughout their academic careers. It is important that we are all able to share information that will ensure understanding and cooperation as we partner for student success.

Below you will find information from the West Virginia Department of Education.

West Virginia General Summative Assessment (WVGSA)

The West Virginia General Summative Assessment (WVGSA) for students in grades 3-8 is an online summative test given toward the end of the school year to measure student performance on the state’s content standards, which provide clear, consistent guidelines for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level.

Students who took the West Virginia General Summative Assessment in the Spring of 2023 received personalized video score reports created by the West Virginia Department of Education. These reports are available in the student's email account inbox on September 22, 2023.

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SAT scores are available for students who took the SAT in the Spring of 2023. On Sept. 22, 2023, families received a paper score report sent home with students, as well as an email with a link to a personalized video score report created by the West Virginia Department of Education.

If you have any questions concerning SAT School Day or WVGSA, please contact Carol Whittington, County Test Coordinator at 304-885-5007 or email

PSAT/NMSQT Grade 10 and 11

Home School Opportunity

Testing in West Virginia includes the West Virginia General Summative Assessment (WVGSA) for grades 3 through 8, the SAT School Day in high school, the West Virginia Alternate Summative Assessment (WVASA), the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), and various international assessment administered by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). These assessments are designed to provide information about the performance of students, schools, districts, and the state. The office is responsible for the implementation of West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2340, West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress.

 If you have any questions, please contact Carol Whittington, Jefferson County Schools Test Coordinator at 304-885-5007 or email

For more information and resources about the WVGSA, visit the WV Assessment Portal (

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SAT/ACT Support

Jefferson County Schools strives to help students be prepared and successful in their next phase of life. We have purchased on demand virtual tutorials for high school students for SAT/ACT support and preparation. Students can work on individual areas of need to raise their test score in order to get that magic number for their chosen college, program, scholarship, or class.  These individual virtual licenses are free to the student and can be accessed anytime - in the evenings, on the weekend, or in a study hall so that it meets the students' needs and schedule. Students may use their SAT or PSAT results to guide their focus, or they can take a pre-test which will assign them areas to work on. Once they practice and brush up on skills utilizing the Apex platform, we recommend taking a full practice test on the College Board site.  Juniors and seniors were giving their log in information at school. Students self-enroll using the information on the sheet received at school. We also have purchased additional tutorials for high school courses, such as Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies as presented in the assemblies at school.  Stop by the counseling office for additional information and the codes for ACT and the core courses