Participants of the District Social Studies Fair on February 18

JCS is proud to recognize students from Harpers Ferry Middle, Shepherdstown Middle, and Jefferson High Schools who competed in the District Social Studies Fair on February 18! The following first-place winners will now advance to the Region VIII Social Studies Fair on March 18 at Musselman High School:

  • 1st Place, State & Local: "The Battle of Blair Mountain" by Louisa Pate (JHS)
  • 1st Place, U.S. History: "To Drop or Not to Drop" by Aiden Bauer (HFMS)
  • 1st Place, U.S. History: "Evolution of U.S. Flags" by Derek Burgess (SMS)
  • 1st Place, World History: "The Fatal Rivalry: The Virgin Queen vs. The Queen of Scots" by Allie Hickman and Anne-Lise Bauer (JHS)
  • 1st Place, World History: "Hatshepsut: The Forgotten Pharaoh by Aurora Jackson (HFMS)
  • 1st Place, World History: "The Life and Reign of Queen Elizabeth" by Molly Lassen (JHS)

Other winners include: 

  • 2nd place, Sociology: "The Cart of No Return" by Brody Shepard and Rylin Shepard (SMS)
  • 3rd Place, Anthropology: "Bast and Anubis" by Charlotte Pate (SMS)
  • 3rd Place, Anthropology: "Nessie Explained" by Edie Wilkinson (SMS)
  • 3rd Place, World History: "Irish Potato Famine" by Jose Velasquez-Laura, Emily Gorham, and Ava McClain (HFMS)

Congratulations to all on a job well done!