WVDE WVEIS 2.0 Transition

UPDATE: Aug. 26, 2022

    As we finish the first week of school, we wanted to share an update on the WVDE’s (WV Department of Education) transition to WVEIS 2.0. As we shared last week, the transition to the upgraded state-wide information system led to some communications disruptions, but we are happy to report that many of those issues have been resolved. Here is what that success means for you.

1.     Canvas will be fully connected to WVEIS 2.0 by September 6, 2022. Teachers are already starting the process of adding courses, grades, and schedules to the platform to be ready for students by then. This is a good opportunity to download the Canvas App and learn more about the available features. That information is available at www.jcswv.org/canvas.

 2.     Canvas will be the primary method for communicating with teachers about academics. Just like last year, teachers will use Canvas to communicate with you about everything from homework to grades. You can continue to use teacher email addresses, but Canvas is the most convenient way for you to contact all of the educators working to support your student this year. 

 3.     Our other communications systems are fully connected to WVEIS now. That means the phone number, email addresses, and other contact information on file at each student's school are connected to our automated messaging system. If you are not receiving text messages, robocalls, or emails, please contact the school where your student is enrolled and update your contact information.

 Thank you for your patience and support as our staff works to minimize the disruption created by this transition. We are so grateful for the incredible support you show for your children and our schools. The partnership we have with the families of Jefferson County is critical to student success.

If you have additional concerns about Canvas after Sept. 6, please visit our Canvas resource page at www.jcswv.org/canvas.

All school systems in West Virginia use WVEIS (West Virginia Education Information System) to manage student information. This summer, the WV Department of Education (WVDE) updated to WVEIS 2.0. While the new system will bring wonderful improvements and functionality, there have been state-wide issues with accessing the information in WVEIS. This has led to disruptions in many of the tools utilized by school systems across the state, including in Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Schools staff have worked to find solutions that will minimize the impact this transition will have on instruction, however, the process for communication you are used to will be different while we await a fix from the WVDE.



What could be different?

Below are some of the changes we may be experiencing as we begin the school year. We are offering the temporary solutions we have implemented while the WVDE continues working to complete the WVEIS 2.0 transition.

Typical School Year

How do I...?

During the WVEIS 2.0 Transition

Families can get updates on communication by visiting the JCS website at www.jcswv.org, by downloading the JCSWV App, and through robocalls, text messages, and emails.

Receive Communications

from JCS

Families may still receive robocalls, emails, and text messages. Please make sure that your contact information on file at your student's school is up to date so you do not miss important information.

We also encourage you to download the JCSWV App. This is the best way to get updates directly from a student's school.

The Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) is the tool students and families use to communicate with teachers.

Communicate with Teachers

Families and students will be able to communicate with teachers using their k12.wv.us email accounts found on school websites in the directory. Teachers use these accounts for all work-related activities, so the temporary adjustment should not disrupt regular communication.

Teachers share schedules, grades, and assignments through the online Canvas LMS online platform and the Canvas App.

Manage Academics

(Schedules, Grades, Assignments)

Each school will be sharing student schedules differently. Please make sure you have downloaded the JCSWV App and connected it to your school and visit your school's website regularly for updates.

Teachers will make sure students receive assignments in a timely manner.

Information about grades will be available as graded work is completed and returned.