Sustaining Excellence

Thank you for the time and energy you continue to bring to our children.   You have seen the level of need and risen to the occasion as always.  Our families have seen the need as well and supported us in making schedule adjustments to keep our commitments to kids.   We are updating you on those adjustments for planning purposes and to ensure we all have the same information. Please remember that November 19th was the last Friday that students attend a half-day. We will resume our normal full-day schedule the week following Fall Thanksgiving Break. 

What WV State Code and Policy say:

Early Dismissals and Late Arrivals: Pursuant to WV State Code §18-5-45 (2)(A) A county board may increase the length of the instructional day as defined in this section by at least thirty minutes per day to ensure that it achieves at least an amount of instructional time equivalent to one hundred and eighty separate instructional days within its school calendar and: (iii) Apply any additional equivalent time to recover time lost due to late arrivals and early dismissals.  This enables county boards of education to use up to 40 hours over the 180-day instructional term for late arrivals and early dismissals at their discretion and that of the county superintendent.

What We Have Used Thus Far:  

October 15 - November 19

3.25 hours of the instructional day x 6 = 19.5 hours

Thus, we have 20.5 hours remaining.

What We Have Done to Increase Our Fill Rate:  

HR has run multiple job and recruiting fairs, partnered with universities, and worked with career switchers to develop a deeper bench during these difficult hiring times.   Below are the number of new substitutes by category they have hired, certified, and onboarded:


Teacher Day to Day      31

Teacher LTS                      1

Aides                               14

Cook                                  4

Custodian                         3

Secretary                          6

Bus Operator                   1

Our Fill Rate Changes:

The hiring done by HR has changed our fill rates for the better.  Below is the change in fill rate percentage.

 2021-09-10      61.49%

2021-09-17      58.41%

2021-09-24      57.07%

2021-10-01      63.91%

2021-10-08      61.76% Columbus Day

2021-10-15      72.35% Started 1/2 Day

2021-10-22      86.50% Faculty Senate

2021-10-29      70.39%

2021-11-05      75.00%

 Based on all of the data reviewed, we have made the decision to resume our full day Friday schedule for the remainder of the first semester.   Our substitute pool and fill rates have increased.   We also need to reserve the AIT (Accrued Instructional Time) we have to address any unknowns in second semester.   We continue to have 5 full days of inclement weather leave in addition to this AIT.   This means that any inclement weather closures up to 5 days will not have to be made up.  Beyond 5 days will require that we either use AIT or extend the school year.  

We know that the additional time without student supervision has been well used and appreciated.   We have heard clearly that you felt better able to respond to student needs when they are present based on the additional time for preparation.   However, we also know that you recognize the parameters we are operating under and see that we are working very hard to balance all needs and perspectives.   We are conveying this information to you in advance and will be sharing this with parents later.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, I invite you to contact me and share them.