JCS Student Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in Jefferson County Schools! We are happy to welcome you. We want to make the enrollment process as easy as possible for you.

How to Enroll a Student

Step 1: Documents

West Virginia requires parents/caregivers to provide proof of identity, age, residency, and immunizations. A complete list of required documents is available HERE.

Step 2: Complete Enrollment Packet

If you are enrolling a student for the 2022-2023 school year, you will need to complete an enrollment form and provide the required documents to complete the enrollment process. To obtain a form, download a fillable PDF enrollment form to print or pick up a paper form from the registrar.

Step 3: Visit Registrar

The enrollment process MUST be completed in person. CLICK HERE to find out where the student will attend school.

Documents Necessary for Student Enrollment

The following documents will need to be presented during the enrollment process. Jefferson County Schools will enroll students who turn 5 years of age prior to July 1 of the current school year.

Required Documentation:

1. State-certified birth certificate

2. Immunization record

3. Proof of Residency: (1 required)

a. Copy of utility bill showing parent/guardian name and address

b. Copy of lease agreement/mortgage

d. Jefferson Social Service benefits card or papers with parent/guardian name and address

Please use this checklist to complete and submit the necessary forms for enrollment. Please submit the completed packet and bring the required documentation listed above

☐ Consent for release of information (if student attended any school previously)

☐ Student contact information form

☐ Student residency form

☐ Home Language Survey

☐ Statement of suspension status form

☐ Affidavit in Lieu of birth record (if state birth certificate is not obtainable)*

☐ Affidavit of student residency (if proof of residency is not available)*